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Montreal & West Island Schools

Quebec has publicly funded French and English schools. In primary and secondary schools, according to the Charter of the French Language, all students must attend a French language school, except:

* student whose parents have done most of their elementary or secondary studies in English Canada and the parents are Canadian citizens
* student who has already done all or most of their elementary or secondary studies in English Canada, or who have a sibling who has received most of his or her education in English Canada, as long as the parents are Canadian citizens.

If a parent had the right to attend English schools, but did not, they do not lose the right for their children.

Below  is a map and list of english and french public and private schools in the West Island of Montreal.

Map of West Island Schools (public & private)

Montreal & West Island Public Schools

English schools                                     French schools

Montreal Public French Schools
Montreal Public French Schools

Montreal Private Schools (French and English)

Academie Marie-Claire

18190 Elkas Blvd.

Kirkland, Quebec

514 697-9995

Website: Academie Marie-Claire

Akiva School

450 Kensington Avenue

Westmount, Quebec

514 939-2432

Website: Akiva School

Alexander von Humboldt School

216 Victoria

Baie d'Urfe, Quebec

514 457-2886

Website: Alexander von Humboldt School

Centennial Academy

3641 Prudhomme Ave.

Montreal, Quebec

514 486-5533

Website: Centennial Academy

College Prep International

7475 Sherbrooke West

Montreal, Quebec

514 489-7287

Website: College Prep International

Emmanuel Christian School

4698 St. Jean Boulevard

Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec

514 696-6430

Website: Emmanuel Christian School

Jewish Peoples Schools and Peretz Schools

5170 Van Horne

Montreal, Quebec

514 731-3673

Website: JPPS School

Kells Academy (Elementary)

2290 Cavendish Blvd.

Montreal, Quebec

514 485-8565

Website: Kells Academy (Elementary)

Kells Academy (Secondary)

6865 De Maisonneuve W.

Montreal, Quebec

514 485-8565

Website: Kells Academy (Secondary)

Kuper Academy

2975 Edmond

Kirkland, Quebec

514 426-3007 x235

Website: Kuper Academy

Lower Canada College

4090 Royal Avenue

Montreal, Quebec

514 482-0951

Website: Lower Canada College


7272 Sherbrooke St. West

Montreal, Quebec

514 486-1101

Website: Loyola

Miss Edgars and Miss Cramps School

525 Mount Pleasant Avenue

Westmount, Quebec

514 935-6357

Website: Miss Edgars and Miss Cramps School

Queen of Angels Academy

100 Bouchard Blvd.

Dorval, Quebec

514 636-0900 x268

Website: Queen of Angels Academy

Royal West Academy

189 Easton Avenue

Montreal West, Quebec

Website: Royal West Academy

Sacred Heart School

3635 Atwater

Montreal, Quebec

514 937-2845

Website: Sacred Heart School


810 Cote Azelie

Montebello, Quebec

877 423-5523

Website: Sedbergh

Selwyn House

95 Cote St. Antoine

Westmount, Quebec

514 931-2775

Website: Selwyn House

St. Georges Elementary School

3685 The Boulevard

Montreal, Quebec

514 937-9289

Website: St. Georges Elementary School

St. Georges High School

3100 The Boulevard

Montreal, Quebec

514 937-9289

Website: St. Georges High School

The Priory

3120 The Boulevard

Montreal, Quebec

514 935-5966

Website: The Priory

The Study

3233 The Boulevard

Westmount, Quebec

514 935-9352 x 229

Website: The Study

Trafalgar School for Girls

3495 Simpson Street

Montreal, Quebec

514 935-2644

Website: Trafalgar School for Girls

United Talmud Torah - Herzliah School

4840 St. Kevin

Montreal, Quebec

514 739-2294

Website: UTT Herzliah School

Villa Maria

4245 Decarie Blvd.

Montreal, Quebec

514 484-4950

Website: Villa Maria

West Island College

851 Tecumseh

Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec

514 683-4660

Website: West Island College

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